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Insuring nebraska and Colorado for over 100 years

Adams Insurance Advisors is a 5th generation family-owned independent insurance agency serving Nebraska and Colorado.

Why Choose an independent insurance agency?

Unlike a captive (or direct) insurance company that only offers its proprietary insurance products, independent insurance agents can access multiple carriers and their products. Adams Insurance Advisors' independence allows us to provide you with unbiased solutions and advice to meet your insurance needs.


A common misconception about working this an independent insurance agency is that we charge our customers a fee for our services. AIA never charges our customers for our services or products. You are billed directly by the carrier.

What Our Customers are Saying

Zach Fuller provides timely communication and excellent customer service. I appreciate the time he took to help me compare different policies so I could choose...
a year ago
Dalton Simmerman
Diana was amazing and super helpful throughout the entire process. HIGHLY recommend talking to AIA!
3 years ago
Dillon Higgins
They're very personable and know insurance!
4 years ago
Conner Orourke

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