Agriculture Insurance

Adams Insurance Advisors offers comprehensive insurance solutions for Nebraska and Colorado farms and ranches. We work with you to create an insurance package that will fit your operation's needs and budget.

Products we offer

Protect your business and livelihood with coverages for every area of your farm and ranch operation.

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Grain silos at a family farm rise above a late summer cornfield in southern Michigan.

Farm Liability



We offer Stand Alone Irrigation coverage that can cover the replacement cost of your pivot, no matter the age.

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Worker's Compensation

Living and working in Nebraska and Colorado, we know that weather can change on a dime, drought is always a threat, and a fire can be devastating. Protect your livelihood with comprehensive crop insurance packages designed to meet the needs of your operation.

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Multi-Peril Crop (MPCI)

Beautiful evening scene of the Great Plains, USA at sunset. Photographed at the end of a stormchase in Nebraska.

Production Plan Hail


Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

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Field Grain Fire (FGF)

Billowing clouds of smoke from a fire burning a farm field with old sheds nearby in a summer landscape

Pasture Fire

Available in 32 counties in Colorado. Click above to learn more about our hemp crop insurance.