Hemp Crop Insurance

Insurance coverage for Colorado Hemp Farmers

Adams Insurance Advisors offers a Hemp Crop Insurance program for Colorado hemp farmers.

The program is determined by your Actual Production History (APH)

  • Yield-based crop insurance program
  • Covers reduced yield due to covered perils
  • Coverage for the standard list of perils

Coverage Types Include

  • CBD
  • Fiber
  • Grain

At coverage levels from 50% to 75%.


  • Must be licensed by a governing regulatory authority (e.g. state, tribe, or USDA)
  • Must provide acceptable production evidence that you have produced the crop at least one year prior. (This applies to start-up (beginning) farmers/ranchers as well.)

Insured crops should meet minimum acerage requirements by type

  • CBD: 5 acres
  • Grain & Fiber: 20 acres

Covered Causes of Loss

  • Adverse weather
  • Fire
  • Insects
  • Plant disease
  • Wildfire
  • Earthquake
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Failure of irrigation water supply

Causes of Loss Not Covered

  • Mandatory destruction (exceeds permitted THC levels)
  • Quality deficiencies
  • Failure to follow requirements in processor contract
  • Inability to market unless due to covered loss
  • Seed contamination

Private crop hail insurance for hemp is also available.

Deadlines for Hemp Crop Insurance

Sales Closing

Cancellation & Termination
(same as other spring crops)

Production Reporting

Final Planting Date

Final Planting Date>While Plant/Floral

Acreage Reporting

Premium Billing

End of Insurance Period Date

March 15

March 15


April 29

June 15

June 25

August 17

October 1

October 31